Discusión entre pares / 56-year-old man received trauma of right knee joint at domestic conditions…

Irakli Khabeishvili ha añadido fotos al álbum «8 June 2014» en el grupo «Indian Orthopaedic Research Group«.
56-year-old man received trauma of right knee joint at domestic conditions as a result of falling down from 4 m height. He was admitted by Ambulance at first in Ozurgeti City Regional Hospital where has been performed clinical, instrumental investigations and sufficient medical treatment and right lower extremity immobilization with cast. Patient then was transfered at Academician Z. Tskhakaia National Interventional Medical Center of West Georgia. At the moment of entering patient complained severe pain in the Right knee joint area, swelling, Right lower limb deformity. objective status: Right lower extremity was immobilized with cast. Severe swelling of the right knee joint. Expressed crepitation of bone fragments. Active and passive movement of the right knee (ROM) was severely Limited. The right lower limb neurological status was normal. Pulsation on Dorsalis pedis artery was normal. Clinical and roentgenography studies had shown:
Diagnosis: Proximal Tibia bone metaphyseal complete articular closed multifragmentary fracture (AO-Muller Classification 41-C2 Complete articular fracture, articular simple, metaphyseal multifragmentary).
Operative treatment was recommended, therefore patient was admitted to the trauma department. Operation was performed after 14 days from trauma, when soft tissue swelling, edema and excoriations on skin had gone and normal condition of soft tissues and skin has recovered in fracture zone.
OP: Proximal tibia 41-C2 Indirect reduction with MIPO (Minimal Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis) technique. Angular stable plates, Less invasive stabilization system.
Patient Position: Supine position.
Surgical Approach: anterolateral approach

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