Celebra ISAKOS un homenaje a GARY G. POEHLING

Dr Aramiz López Durán recomienda:

Enrique Galindo Andujar

Celebra ISAKOS un homenaje a GARY G. POEHLING que se retira como redactor jefe de la revista americana de artroscopia Arthroscopy. Gary Poehling Retires We honor Gary G. Poehling, M.D., for his long service in guiding Arthroscopy through the rapid changes in the field to become what it is now. He began this journey as a founding member of the Editorial Board (1985-87), then rose to be the Associate Editor to Dr. Ward Casscells (1988-90), and then succeeded him in 1991 as Editor-in-Chief. Happy retirement! Everyone connected with the Journal thanks you for your visionary and inspiring leadership.


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